"You Can't Change Your Life
If You Can't Get Off the Couch"

What's better than a Red Bull for your brain? It's the Energy Jet-Pack Challenge, a five-week online coaching challenge program that will enhance your energy, pump up your personal power, and launch you towards your goals.

The Energy Jet-Pack Challenge

It's time to blast off.

We're almost at the end of 2014. Are you looking at your list of goals for the year and wondering where the time went? Often, the next thought is that you'll just wait until January and THEN you can get things under control. After all, the holidays are coming, and that's when women like you and me are typically frazzled, frenzied, and in a funk. We have growing to-do lists and shrinking emotional and physical energy to deal with it all. The kids. The work. The house. The meals. The laundry. Forget about our personal goals and dreams -- we  just want to make it through the next month or so until school starts again!

Sound familiar? Well, it doesn't have to. 

Spend the next five weeks with me, and we can ROCK your 2014. Through a regular infusion of caffeine-laced audio and video, you'll get inspired and energized to turbo-charge your to-do list and get moving forward on your personal goals. Whether you want to create (or grow) a business, get in shape, organize your home -- or all three! -- the Energy Jet-Pack Challenge will teach you the hard skills to help you get there.

Set up in five weekly themes guaranteed to teach you the hard skills you need to master your mood, energy, adn productivity, the Energy Jet-Pack Challenge is the perfect way to wrap up 2014!

With our five-week challenge-based program, you'll learn:

  • How to regain your personal power in ANY circumstance
  • 10 ways to give yourself an immediate infusion of energy
  • Why emotional and physical energy are ALWAYS linked
  • Why you need to focus on managing your ENERGY, not your time
  • Why self-care MUST precede other-care
  • The first thing to do every morning to achieve HUGE leaps towards your goals
  • And more!

Learn the secrets of a dozen productivity and energy experts so you FINALLY stop waiting for "someday" and get started on the path to your goals -- TODAY. After all, Whether you want to rule the PTA or rule the world, you can't change your life if you can't get off the couch!

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"What Is the Energy Jet-Pack Challenge?"

The Energy Jet-Pack Challenge is a cross between a Red Bull for your brain and a personal coach for personal power. But we won't give you the shakes or make you walk across burning coals or take part in drumming circles. Not that there's anything wrong with any of that... but we know you want solutions that work, not fluff or flash.

Here's how the Energy Jet-Pack works:

Starting Monday, Nov. 10 and continuing through the next five weeks, you'll receive regular infusions of advice, wisdom, and inspiration delivered right to your email inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each week is focused around a specific theme to help you master your personal energy and move you closer to your goals.

Every Monday, you'll receive your assignment sheet with an overview of the week, a summary of the theme, and your homework. Mondays and Wednesdays, you'll receive audio interviews with an expert on productivity, personal power, and emotional energy. I've carefully curated a shortlist of ten of the most influential and inspiring individuals on the planet, and I'll bring them right to you. 

Every Friday, you'll get a short personal video message from me to reinforce the week's themes, and to encourage you to put the lessons to use. After all, wisdom is knowledge in action -- and we want you MOVING! So we're always stressing tightly focused weekly assignments to further reinforce your learning. 

At the end of five weeks, you'll have the motivation AND knowledge to keep you on the fast track to your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, start a business, go back to school, or simply streamline your family life, you'll be well-equipped to make the changes and take the actions to keep moving forward. 

I absolutely cannot WAIT to share this program with you. This caliber of experts has never been assembled in one spot before. The Energy Jet-Pack is guaranteed to transform your summer - and transform your life!

See you on November 10!

Lain Ehmann

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Your Energy Jet-Pack Instructors

"I've carefully selected some of the most powerful, productive, and energetic people I know and interviewed them to get their secrets on how they do what they do. From reclaiming your power in times of crisis, to planning for success, now is YOUR chance to hear from a dozen of the most inspiring and motivating people on the planet. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to transform your life!"

-Lain Ehmann, Event Producer

Your instructors include:

  • Nicole Dean of NicoleontheNet.com, teaching on the Power of Identifying and Eliminating Energy Vampires
  • Kathleen Gage of PowerUpForProfits.com, teaching on the Power of a Plan
  • Melissa Ingold of TimeFreedomBusiness.com, teaching on the Power of a Team
  • Faydra Koenig of DoingLifeWithFaydra.com, teaching on the Power of Emotional Currency
  • Jennifer Louden, author of "The Women's Comfort Book" and "The Life Organizer," teaching on the Power of Self-Care
  • Maruxa Murphy of InspireAwesome.com, teaching on Regaining Your Personal Power in Times of Crisis
  • Marnie Pehrson of Create Your Own Amazing Life, teaching on the Powerful Link Between Physical and Emotional Energy
  • Therese Sparby of IWantWhatYoureHaving.com, teaching on Reclaiming Your Power from Fear
  • Andy Traub, author of "Early to Rise" and "Early to Rise for Moms," teaching on the Power of Early to Rise
  • Christy Whitman of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, teaching on the Power of Moving from Good to Great
  • ...Plus a surprise or two!

Each one of these experts was specifically selected by me for their personal energy level, commitment to teaching, and the results they've achieved in their own life. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Your investment is covered with this incredible guarantee!


We're so absolutely sure that the Energy Jet-Pack Challenge online coaching program will inspire and delight you that we're offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for whatever reason you aren't pleased with the Jet-Pack experience, send us an email before December 10 and we'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days of the program's start. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund our money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!


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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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